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Comment: Pretty In Ink: Getting Under The Skin Of Tattoos

Tattoo artist It wasnt a spontaneous decision and I wasnt a teen doing it just for the thrill; the idea had been growing in my head for a while. It was a painful 15 minutes but with each stab of the needle I felt more in control. I often do things because people expect me to. This no one expected from me; more, I knew some would judge, but in a way it was liberating. This little act of independence gave me a lot of confidence in the time when I was lacking it and made me appreciate that I am a 100% responsible for everything I do. Some family members were not impressed but there wasnt much of a storm either. I guess the times are changing even in small conservative environments. In the rest of the world, the cultural status of tattooing has evolved from that of an anti-social activity in the 1960s to that of a trendy fashion statement in the 1990s.The last decade has seen explosive growth of tattooing and it is said that the Generation Y is the first one to make tats mainstream.
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